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MAY 21, 2016!!!

​Salmon, Idaho
USAC Permit 2016-414

*Well 2016 was a tough one and although we were nearly able to will the storms away in the end, (which was only about 2.5 hours, or 3 hours for some) a mighty cloud burst drenched the DISCO down:( 
Many a high spirited rider stuck around Salmon tho making the very most of the situation, trying their best to empty the endless kegs of beer and eating prime rib as the soils of DISCO crusted over once more. 
As Blom and I swept the course for flagging the next day we rode on one surface, hard packed and really buff single track, other riders went to explore Wagonhammer and Barricks Lane and some of the other great areas Salmon has to offer.
Really, it was only a matter of time before our efforts at DISCO got quenched, but that is the bet we wager every spring in hopes of the conditions stacking up to give us what we all want to most, Epic Views and Buff Flowing Singletrack!
I want to thank all the 2016 riders again for having a great attitude and understanding that no matter what we do and how hard we work we are at the mercy of mother nature. Additionaly i would encourage all past and future DISCO riders to explore some of the great Backcountry Single track that the Salmon area has to offer.


*and For Those about to Ride in 2017, WE SALUTE YOU!!!
GoogleMAP OF RaceCourse here
Race-Corurse is Of-Course subject to change!!!


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