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​​August 11-14, 2016

​Salmon, Idaho


***These rides are hard, the terrain is rough, and the elements harsh. Read through this carefully when deciding to participate. Ride at your own risk!***
Come join the most unorganized mountain bike gathering in Idaho.  The 6th annual Blomfest is (only) 4 days of high alpine, primative trail riding all over Lemhi County.  This gathering is free to participate. 
All the rides are on primative singletrack trails with road connectors. Some of the trails are over 100 years old.  They are multi-use trails with steep grades.  Every ride has a manditory "Hike-a-Bike".   The trails are physically and technically challenging with rides that can last all day.
The itinerary is "vague" due to wildfires, the number of riders, the abilities of the riders and the weather.  Each ride will be announced the night before.  We will post the rides on FB..  Plus, the rides and other stuff will be posted on the board outside of The Hub/ Pork Peddler.
New options to Blomfest are:
+Bike packing the Continental Divide Trail (CDT) from Chief Joseph Pass to Carmen Creek August 11-12.  This is a self supported ride with overnight camping.  Every particapant MUST have bike packing experience and thier own gear.  You are on your own!
+Casual Rides.  These are for those who like long rides, but don't like to suffer like the OB's (Original Blomsters).  These rides will be seperated from the Featured rides.
**The one thing to keep in mind is that Blomfest is about friends, adventures, camping, fun, and smiles. Since its unorganized, we ask that everybody be flexible to last minute changes, help out with anything, and  be low maintenance. Pack like you are going on a roadtrip to Moab.
 *There are public camping spots near town:
    1. Shoup Bridge
    2. Morgan Bar
    3. Tower Rock
 *If you feel the need for lodging, there are 2 motels close to The Hub:
    1. The Stagecoach Inn 208-756-2919
    2. Super Eight Salmon 208-756-8880
  *If you have an RV/ camper trailer, the Century 2 Campground and RV park is located on US-93, North of the Stagecoach Inn.  This RV park is bike friendly! If you mention "Blomfest", you may receive a discount.
*The Village at North Fork has been an awesome supporter of Blomfest.  They have camping spots, RV hookups, and encredible lodging.  Call 208-865-2412 to reserve a room or camping spot.  
River Raft Option?
 There is a full day river trip with lunch arranged with Idaho Adventures on (TBA).  If you would like to have a recovery day, this will be a refreshing adventure.   Call 1-800-789-9283 to reserve your spot on the raft(s).  Mention that you are participating in "Blomfest" to recieve a discount.
Blomfest Party! August 13
This will be the last night together.  A chance to celebrate our Mountain bike community.  We will meet around 6pm at the Pork Peddler for music and dancing.  Bring musical instraments for the open jam. There will be "oons,oons" music as well. We encourage "sparkly costumes" and dancing! Anybody have a Disco ball?
Also, There will be a drawing for a multiday tour with Escape Adventures.  You can purchase tickets online at:
Proceeds help put "Idaho Youth to work on Idaho Trails".
Travel Plans
  • Missoula, Mountana is the closest place to fly.  Its 145 miles from Salmon. There is no shuttle option this year.
  • Flights into Salmon  from Boise are also available:
  • McCall Air (208) 634-7137
  • Gem Air (208) 756-7382
  • Idaho Falls airport is also an option. No shuttle.
  • Road trip!
Shuttle Vehicles
We have two vehicles for our use; the Millenium Falcon and a spare van if needed.  We will split the cost of gas and vehicle wear.  The daily cost of  vehicle use is about $10 to $15 per person.  That's a steal if you compare it to the price of a shuttle ride in Moab ($25 to $35).  We are not runnig this as a business, just trying to make ends meet. Every dollar collected from the shuttles will cover fuel and maintinance costs. 
We may use personal vehicles as well. If so, please respect the owner's vehicle by keeping it clean and offer to help pay for gas. Gas, Grass, or Ass; nobody rides for free!
Please bring bike shop stickers for the Millenium Falcon. The paint is peeling off.
Hotsprings and swimming holes
Bring your swim suit!
Full suspension with gears is recommended, but hardtails will work.    Have your bike serviced before coming. Wash the bike clean of all dirt to prevent the transporation of noxious seeds and thorns.  If you need to ship your bike, call The Hub to make arrangements.  Bring a spare deraileur hanger and brakepads.  We will be meeting at The Hub every morning. 
How many people are showing up?
We have no clue how many will show up. Last year 40 riders showed up over the 9 days. Some rides had 22 people, some had 10. But no matter what, we will ride, we will have fun!
We are not responsible for your actions. Ride at your own ability.  Be smart. Be careful.  Be courteous and conscious of other riders and trail users.
These are the featured OB routes we wish to ride:
*Mc Kim Creek to Bear Valley (Trans Lemhi)
*Twelve Mile to Lime Creek
*Butcherknife to Hughes Creek
*CDT, from Carmen Creek to Sheep Creek
Become a member of SIMBA
 The Members of Salmon Idaho Mountain Bike Association (SIMBA) spend countless hours clearing trails. Most of the tools, transportation, and gas come from our members. We are "grassroots" polictical activitists working with local and national leaders to build a stronger mountain bike community. All of SIMBA's efforts benefit other trail users as well.  If you like what is happening with our mountain bike comunity, please become a member of SIMBA.  
This is a free gathering. Much of the cost of Blomfest comes out of the pockets of local mountain bikers.  Any donations made towards Blomfest will help cover SIMBA's efforts of trail maintenance.
***This Page is being updated periodically.  Keep checking for changes.  We aren't disorganized, just unorganized.***
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